February 21,2017 – Prompt -It Seemed Like a Good Idea Yesterday


I got the idea in the evening while I was half intoxicated, but now in the bright daylight and suffering a hangover, I have second thoughts.

I wander through the empty house feeling sorry I did not get up in time to kiss my husband good-bye before he left for work. He too was enthusiastic about the idea and promised to do research into the matter. I’m sure he’ll come home this evening and not say a word about it. The crazy ideas I get when I’m full of sweet wine

I go about the day moving slowly to begin with, but by the afternoon I’m ready to cook a special meal. I set the table with the good china and sterling and light some candles. Soft music fills the room and I put on a special dress. After all these years, I’m still my husband’s girlfriend.

The car pulls into the driveway and my husband rushes into the house, his face glowing. He hugs me and lifts me off my feet.

“I did what you suggested,” he said all excited. “I went and bought an elephant. He will be delivered tomorrow.

Ellynore Smith
Yesterday I was brilliant. I felt like I could make no mistakes or errors. I shone like a star.
I got this wonderful idea on how to repair and remodel my house. It would make everything simple and quick. I could have it finished in a week instead of six to eight months.

I was so excited and went right to work. Fixing this and replacing that. Moving along at a rapid pace until one of my tools short circuited my electric panel. Oh-Oh no new fuses. But I do have a penny. I unscrewed the old fuse, popped the penny into the socket and re-screwed the old fuse back into the panel. It worked great. I kept on rolling along. Getting all kinds of projects going and finishing up on others.

I was starting to get hungry when Mom called and asked me to come over for dinner and spend the night. Wow that was a great idea Mom had and I accepted with glee. That way I would have a great dinner and even a clean place to sleep, with a long beautiful soak in Moms whirlpool bathtub as an added attraction.

The next morning I felt like a million bucks. Mom fed me a delicious breakfast, enough to last me all day. And I was to come back this evening for more of her wonderful hospitality. Mom sent me on my way with a full tummy, a full heart, and a mind full of new ideas.

Valerie Cook

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