Oct.11, 2016 -Prompt – She stepped on the plane with a passport, no plans and six months to find them.

Maria was twenty years old when she finally got the information she had been waiting for all of her life. She had just been notified that orphanages were now releasing birth certificates to orphans. She immediately called her lawyer and arranged for him to get hers. Upon receiving it, she was amazed to find out that she was not French but Italian. She also learned her real name, her date of birth, her parents’ names and that they were originally from Sicily, Italy. Without even thinking about how she would do it, she took a leave of absence from her job and arranged to fly to Italy.

Filled with excitement, she settled into her seat and thought about how she would find them. One of her friends suggested she look up the name in the phone book and start calling anyone with the last name Nicosia. However, since she couldn’t speak Italian, she realized it would be better to hire someone to help her find out the information she was looking for.

“I can do this!” she thought, “I have six months to get it done and this is my chance to find out who I am!”

Jean Dunstan

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