August 30,2016 -Prompt -Finish Even if It’s Horrible

Finally, I have time to take a painting class.  Reading on the syllabus what supplies to get…. Hmm, what kind of paint? Who knew there were so many kinds… Well…This is the cheaper set.
Boars hair brushes… Those are outrageous! Who knew there were so many varieties… I’ll just get this one. Now, the canvas… Oh, here’s some on Clearance. Yes, I chose the least expensive and it still added up to way too much for a first class. After all, I may not  like painting.
Time for my first class and I’m a leery of my supplies, seeing that the others look professional and with the best supplies listed on the syllabus that I ignored.
“This is a very basic class,’ the Instructor announces, “and I will be showing you each stroke of the brush as we go.”
We start. Well, started, but I guess I didn’t clean the brush off as good as I should have before changing colors. My colors were different than the Instructor’s or anyone else’s!            Thinking, just finish even if it’s horrible. Because I was trying. Halfway through, the bristles started coming out of my brush and sticking to the canvas!  Thankfully I was doing the stream through the scene, and I thought those detaching bristles on my shrinking brush resembled schools of little fish swimming through it. I told myself, finish, even if it’s horrible.
Praying….that everyone else forgot their glasses too.

Susie Scott



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