July 19, 2016 -Prompt- “Name on a Napkin”

Name on a Napkin

The winding cobblestone streets slowed my progress as I hurried back to the restaurant I had left twenty minutes earlier. It had been a wonderful lunch served with the house wine, of which I had partaken more freely than was advisable. My lunch companion had been a complete happenstance, a chance encounter for which I was very grateful, for he turned out to be the contact I was sent to find. He had written his alias on a napkin, which I realized now, must have become lost when I paid the bill and left. The restaurant would be closed for the afternoon, and I had to get that name before that happened. As I turned a corner, I tripped over a loose stone and bumped right into my lunch companion.

Karen Hydock


Heraldo now that’s an unusual name. Could the controversial journalist Heraldo Rivera have been here? It seemed unlikely to Charmaine as she stared at the name, all in capital letters, on the napkin. This was nothing but a small town diner, in a small village in a small valley in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, there was always the possibility some peculiar event had taken place here. Maybe Al Capone had used it as hideout or perhaps UFO’s had been seen and filmed by the locals, and with all his unmistakable fervor Heraldo had come riding into town to investigate.

Charmaine turned the napkin over in her hand it looked like someone had drawn some sort of map on it. There was a large X in one spot where two lines intersected. What a mystery!

Just then the bells over the diner’s door jangled and a tall man in a cowboy hat entered. “Hey, George,” he called out.

The person behind the bar looked up. “What can I do for you Smitty?”

“Where’s Heraldo I need the directions he left me to his uncle’s place out on the mountain.”

Charmaine sighed. “Damn, it’s no mystery.”

Christine Howard


July 12, 2016 – Prompt – “Cops Bust Drunken Werewolf in Ohio

“Cops Bust Drunken Werewolf in Ohio”

Residents of Gallipolis were stunned yesterday when the owner of Alonzo Volen’s bar turned into a wolf after imbibing his own liquor. Police were summoned after the animal attacked several people, three of whom are now hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. A police investigation discovered that Volen’s whiskey, billed as imported from Germany, was actually moonshine. Mr. Volen was not available for comment.

Christie Powell


The 911 operator could not believe her caller.

“There is a werewolf running loose in town and it appears to be drunk”.

Now I had to notify the cops, and they thought I was funning them.  I could not blame them as I had thought the same myself.

However, being the good guys that they were, they went werewolf hunting in the outskirts of our Ohio city.  Low and behold by the light of the full moon they did see a wolf staggering around the woods in the park.  They managed to net him and hauled him into the station house.  They were getting prepared to call the Animal control officer, when the wolf woke up, sloughed off his fur and became the local mailman.  Everybody knew him and had a hard time believing what they saw.  Since his blood alcohol was still high they arrested him for being drunk and disorderly.

The judge was so shocked when the mailman came to trial, that disbelieving the story, he turned him free with instructions to stay sober and never appear in his court again.

Valerie Cook

July 5, 2016 – Prompt – “You don’t have enough points, sir.”


“You don’t have enough points Sir,”


“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in.”

“I drove two days to get here, had a flat tire, my wife got car sick and threw up on the kids. We had to spend a night in a flea bag motel and got bitten by bed bugs, and now you won’t let us in. Please, can’t you make and exception and just miscount by five points. You know I’ll earn the points before I get  back home. Please, please, please Sir, I beg you, don’t deny us this great opportunity.”

“You call coming here an opportunity?”

“Yes, after all we have gone through, you can’t deny it.”

“Wait here, and I’ll send for the manager.”

We stood outside and watched all the other people go through the turnstile and into the place.

One after the other they entered while we watched with envy. Finally the big boss appeared. He looked at our ticket and calculated the points on his cell phone.

“You dummy,” he said to the gatekeeper, “They have more than enough points.” Turning to us he said, “Sorry for the inconvenience. Welcome to Cosco.”

Ellynore Smith