May 17, 2016 – Shopping Binge

The bags were light, but Corie felt encumbered by them. She hadn’t wanted to go on this trip and the shopping binge she’d just finished weighed her down in her soul.  She usually had a lot of willpower, but she’d felt possessed by something she couldn’t shake off. It bothered her, why would she spend time and money on the stuffed animals and children’s clothes she’d bought? As she walked along to her car, she saw a storefront she hadn’t noticed before. Lives in the Balance was written on the big, red door. Curious, she stopped and peered through the front window. She saw a young woman sitting in a rocking chair holding a small child. An older woman was standing next to them. The women saw her looking through the window and smiled.

Karen Hydock


Ema went on one of her shopping binges.

Scot faced her as she stumbled in the door with all her packages.

“What the HELL are you doing to our budget?” he said. “I saw on the computer that Bank America has a red flag on our account! and what is that red Corvette doing in our driveway?”

“Well,” said Ema, “I’m celebrating my check from Amazon! I sold a million copies of my book, THE DEAL OF THE ART.”

“Oh honey,” Scot replied, I’m so proud of you…. sorry I doubted your talent.  You can go ‘binge shopping’ whenever you like. I’m quitting my job!”

Carol Taylor

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