May 3, 2016 – Prompt- Eternal Plumber

This Week’s prompt was a long one so will put it all here: “After 300 years, North Korea is having trouble coming up with new titles for their dead leaders. Your father was the Eternal Plumber and you must tell your council what position yours will be.”


Wang Mu sits quietly in the Temple of the Excavator Mole meditating on his dilemma. What will his position be and by what name will he be called? His father was named the Eternal Plumber shouldn’t his name be the everlasting one.

Maybe he could be the Eternal Plumber the second or Eternal Plumber, Junior like Americans often call their sons named for them.

What he really should do is find a different profession. Perhaps he could become a carpenter, electrician or greatest of all a businessman. But, no that wouldn’t work all of those positions were filled and besides the only thing he knew and was trained for was plumbing.

He looked up at the Buddha on the ambo. Shut his eyes and intoned his prayer: “Oh thou of great Wisdom help me find my name and fill my position.  His chanting was interrupted by the cries of a female personage.

“Help, help,” she shrieked. “The stool is overflowing. I didn’t do anything but flush.”

Wung Mu’s face lit up he had it his name would be the Eternal Flushing. He would go to the council tomorrow and tell them, but now he headed down the corridor. He could help the woman. He was plumber and fixing and overflowing stool was no problem for the Eternal Flushing.

Christine Howard


Over 300 years the Korean hierarchy has bestowed “titles” on their beloved servants. The one in question was for a name for the “son of the eternal plumber”.

The challenge for the best “title”was posted on a Korean website that went viral.

Many people from the U.S. saw the request as silly.  Then they saw the prize of $300,000!  The website crashed.  No one knew the real reason.  Suspicions ensued. The CIA, the FBA and the armed forced were on red alert with the foreign website.

Was this a hoax?

I have no clue what’s going on.

It’s time to go back to watching the American political race.

Carol Taylor



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