April 10, 2016 – Prompt -The skinny handwriting expert repaired the bomb in the lonely diner before the storm to complete the cover-up.


“Wait? Was that blue or red?”



The moral of the story is:

Do not get a handwriting expert to fix a bomb!

J.L. Lahey


The skinny handwriting expert repaired the bomb in the lonely diner before the storm to complete the cover up.

He squinted to see the delicate components in the fading light, he was running out of time. This thing had to be fixed, set and go off after the storm started, but not too much after.

He needed the winds and rain from the hurricane to help obscure the scene and dispose of any damning evidence he might have missed. A flash of light shot through the room. That was close. It would be just his luck to be hit by lightning before he could finish the job.

Meleesa Stephens


April 3, 2016 – Prompt – Hold on Poem

Hold On Poem – Fun for National Poetry Month

This week’s prompt was a tribute to National Poetry Month. We had a form with the first word or words and lines to fill. Here are the results from all who took part.


Hold on to life

Hold on to your creative Spirit

Even if life is a drill down

Hold on the love of your life

Even if her life is gone

Hold on to your memories

Even if you’ve let them fade out

Hold on to your motorcycle

Even if the wind slams you aside

Hold on to your pen

Even when your hand is shaking

Kevin Draper


Hold on to your spirit

Hold on to the quiet

Even if everyone clamors with noise

Hold on to your own opinion

Even if other want homogenization

Hold on to the colors in your mind

Even if eyes fail you

Hold on to your youth

Even if others tell you to act your age

Hold on to your dreams

Even when waves wash away your sandcastle.

Karen Hydock


Hold on !

Hold on to hope

Even if there is only hopelessness

Hold on to Love

Even if there seems none returned

Hold on to trust

Even if you have been betrayed

Hold on to faith

Even if you’re being tested

Hold on to life

Even when death is near

Ellynore Seybold Smith


Hold on to Love

Hold on to me

Even if I fall

Hold on to us

Even when we are apart

Hold on to love

Even when frustration arises

Hold on to the future

Even if dark clouds hide the way

Hold on to hope

Even when doubt creeps in

Linda Scott


Hold on tight  – Lover It’s going to be a bumpy ride

Hold on to your man

Even if she walks down the street and takes a peek at your man

Hold on to you man

Even if she has style, class and a bit of sass

Hold on to your man

Even if she’s a Roman candle to hot to handle

Hold on to your man

Even if she’ll always be there so beware!

Hold on to your man

Even when she’s go looks, brains and it far from being tame. She AIN”T getting my man.

Pam Drapala


Hold on, My Friend

Hold on to all your friends

Even if it hurts

Hold on to me

Even if we’re apart

Hold on to Love

Even if it’s gone

Hold on to me

Even when I’m gone

John Gable


Hold on to my hand

Hold on to my hand

Even if it’s cold and moist

Hold on to it tightly

Even if it shakes

Hold on to it tight

Even if I cry

Hold on to it well

Even if I should fall

Hold on to it please

Even when I say we are there

Jeanne Neale


Hold on to your oversized hat

Hold on to your bathroom mat

Even if they are not matched

Hold on to your house thatch

Even if the wind dies

Hold on to your neckties

Even if they flap above

Hold on to your love

Even if you are sick of this poem

Hold on to your comb

Even when there’s no wind blowing

Nancy Nation


Hold on to the good thoughts

Hold on to them even when age makes it difficult

Even if you wake up one day and don’t know where your are

Hold on to them and cherish them

Even if you fell like there is no time in your busy day

Hold on to them in the darkest night

Even if they cause insomnia

Hold on them–tight

Even if you arthritic hands can grasp nothing

Hold on to them– don’t let them fade

Even when the light grows dim

Christine Howard