March 22, 2016 – Prompt- Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2:00AM?

Patiently waiting in the entrance way.

Patiently waiting for the slam of the car door.

Patiently listening to the clicking sound of high heels on concrete.

Calmly now, glancing at the 2 Am readout on the clock.

Calmly now, I pour the chloroform onto the white cloth. Calmly now, I wait as the jingle of keys echoes through the condo

Calmly now, I hold back as the door swings open.

Calmly I wait



Why Exactly do You need Chloroform at 2:AM?

As Mrs. Olson, the night nurse, reached the hospital pharmacy, her spine started tingling.

This had happened before and she was smart enough to pay attention.

With slow, deliberate footsteps, she neared the door. A small line of light seeped under the door.

No one should be in there at this hour.

All medications for the night shift were in the file cabinet at the nurse’s desk, labeled and ready to be dispensed

Mrs. Olsen knew she should call the orderly, but she had sent him to the lab with a blood sample needing to be run immediately.

Taking a deep breath, she inched closer to the door, and slowly pushed it open.

She had been so quiet the man, dressed head to toe in black, reaching for the bottle on the top shelf did not hear the door open.

“Who are you and why exactly do you need a bottle of chloroform at 2:am?”

The stranger was so startled he pulled the whole shelf of chloroform to the floor.

One of the lids had not been put on tight and the fumes began to fill the air.

Mrs. Olson turned and slammed the door shut and locked it before the man in black could escape.

Mary Hanley

March 15, 2016 – Prompt-I hope you know that my name is actually_____

I hope you know that my name is actually Rusty Boltz. I know…my parents have a sick sense of humor. But I’m a red-head, so it suits me. My Dad has his own construction company. Yup, their moniker is “Nuts & Boltz” — pretty screwy, eh?

Jeanne Browning


I hope you know my name is actually Chantrel Squire as I am a writer in my own mind.  Not a mushroom that comes out in the Spring or Fall but a bonafide Writer who along with experiences has a vivid imagination of how life should be.  Not the doldrums of everyday life but the breath of Spring of fresh mowed grass or the sweet smell of a new rain dampening the dust.  If you can’t feel, smell and hear how life is then you need to read about how it should be.

So for all of that are walking around in a fog just placing one foot ahead of the other, experience.  Like Calgon take me away-a good bubble bath and book of another era, time and/or place.

That is all it takes to know what you are doing and where you are today means something to someone besides yourself.

So get with it, step outside yourself and learn a new way of experiencing you life on the edge of your World and share with someone.  They shall truly benefit from your experiences.

Carol Bouchard



March 1, 2016 -You, Leonardo Decaprio, have just won and Oscar. That night, you are visited by your future self who gives you a dire warning.

“Leo! Wake up! I know you are hung over and sleepy-try to cut down on the partying some, would you-but wake up!”

I heard these words as I was pulled out of a very deep and dreamy sleep. “What the hell? Who are you? Where are you?”

“Leo! It’s me,-you-you twenty years from now. I have something very important to tell you, so wake up and listen.”

I sat up in bed, looking around. I didn’t see anyone. “All right, who’s got the hidden camera?”

“Hey knucklehead, you need to listen to me. Do not-DO NOT- take the next movie part that comes along. There would be consequences you can’t believe.”

“Do you think I will just take your advice? I don’t think so. What’s the name of this movie I shouldn’t be in?”

“The Revenant 2.”

Karen Hydock


Excuse me, mister. You are in my way.

No, you are in my way.

I’m Leonardo D’Caprio, the Oscar winner, the most famous
movie actor in the world. Get out of my way!

I am Leonardo D’Caprio, the poorest, most rejected
has-been in the world. I have returned from the future
to inform you not to cut your hair.

Kevin Draper