February 23, 2016 – Prompt – Lights on Next 20 Miles

“Lights on Next Twenty Miles”

Chewy was just like any youngster, rambunctious, curious, nosy and petulant.  Towards dusk along a deserted stretch of West Texas State Route 56 heading south just past the sign that read “Lights on Next 20 Miles”, be began his nightly hunt for geckos, snakes and assorted bugs. Still a teenager, without the full bloom of plumage usually reserved for adult roadrunners, he presented a rather slender, awkward, adolescent aura rummaging for recent road kill of the new evening.

Coming fast, just over the closest hill, a pair of headlights sped towards Chewy’s fate.  Bobbing down to snatch a scrambling grasshopper he gobbled his last meal.

Pat Stone


Roadside sign – Lights On Next 20 Miles

We popped over a hill as we were heading southwest out of England. We were going toward the Channel.

In front of us was a roadside sign reading “Tunnel Ahead. Lights On Next 20 Miles”.

John Gable

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