November 3, 2015- Prompt – Stolen Pet

Some one had stolen your pet! In its place are two objects what happens next?  The objects are a flashlight and four dice.


When Jordon got home from school, she went to the kitchen for a snack. Grabbing two cookies and a bottle of milk, she walked out to the back yard to check on her dog Penny.  Penny was so named because of the copper color of her fur.  “Penny, Penny, come here!” No Penny turned up anywhere. She walked to Penny’s bed to check her food and water.  In her bed was a flashlight and four dice.  She picked up the dice. On the dice were words written with a sharpie.  Don’t-Worry-I’m-Safe. Well, that wasn’t much comfort. The flashlight had a note. ‘’Use me when you need me.”  What could that mean?  Jordon called her mom and told her what had happened. Her mom told her to check in the basement. Jordon took the flashlight and headed down the stairs.  She opened the door and turned on the flashlight.  Penny came running to the door, shaved and glowing pink in the light.  HOMECOMING PRANK!

Karen Hydock

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