October 13, 2015–Prompt -cell phone & key

This weeks prompt was: You are lost in the woods. You’ve had no food for days and only have two items on your person. They are: a cell phone and a key.


The cell phone Mary carried wasn’t going to help her. There was no signal. She thought back to earlier when her car ran out of gas. She remembered a filling station she passed on the road and decided to walk back. It didn’t seem far. However, she got turned around and went in the wrong direction.

She blamed her confusion on hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. She hadn’t had anything to eat for a long time. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road and it was getting dark. She thought she saw light beckoning from some building on a side road and so she followed it deep into the forest. When she came to the end of the road there was no light. It was only the glint from the setting sun shining on the cabin window. The door was locked.

She reached into her pocket instinctively and pulled out her house key. In desperation she tried it and it opened the door. What she saw inside the room turned her world upside down. This can’t be happening she cried out as everything went black.

Linda Scott

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