October 20.2015–Prompt–red marker, belt, golden paperclip and a flask

This weeks prompt: A male character ina suit, wearing gloves and is in front of a house he has never been to before. He carries a duffel bag with four items in it. They are: a belt, a red marker, golden paper clip and a flask.


Nelson brushed the grass off his trousers with gloved hand and noted with regret that his new suit now sported grass stains. “Gees, I hope I have the right house. It must be,” after all it looked exactly as described by the woman who hired him to get the job done.

Hoisting his duffel bag over his shoulder, climbing the tree that towered up to the third story, managing to jump onto the balcony, and using a gold paper clip he wrestled open the flimsy catch on the balcony door.

Yes, I’m in, he thought as he spied the sleeping figure in the nearby bed. With stealth he approached, grabbed a pillow, and with firm hand held it over the face of the nasty fellow.

When the victim was about half dead he poured alcohol down his throat, secured a belt around his neck and chucked him over the balcony. His neck snapped as the belt prevented him from falling further.  Nelson had tied it to the railing.

Authorities found a suicide note that appeared as though it was written in a drunken stupor with a broad-nibbed red marker found alongside.

Kirsten Wohlgemuth


Pin-Striped Nut-Case

Poem – By Lloyd Rain – 10/22/15


He sported a black pin-striped suit

With only one protruding black boot

The boot was tattooed with red symbols

From the marker he held in his cymbals


The belt wound loosely ‘round his neck

As if he were to hang in a sec

He tipped the alcohol from his flask

To ensure through his neck all would pass


A crowd had assembled nearby

To observe what next he would try

Only one in his circle dared ask

“What, Sir, is the meaning of your flask?”


He turned to face his observer

“Is it not evident, kind sir?”

Pointing his gold paper clip at the man

“This lubricant is merely a scam.”


“When mixed with red markings of jam

Using this tool as a ram

Fools like you’d be surprised

At the resulting explosive ka-blam.”


Whereupon a truck did arrive

And attendants alighted from the drive

They gently escorted our man

Into the bowels of the van

Ensuring he was still quite alive


As it slowly departed the curb

Viewers wond’ring, “Is he genius or rube?”

He pointed a finger below

To the sign on the side quite aglow

With the words clearly rendered and durable

Asylum For The Confused And Incurable


                                              $──────══════════════ End ══════════════─────$

October 13, 2015–Prompt -cell phone & key

This weeks prompt was: You are lost in the woods. You’ve had no food for days and only have two items on your person. They are: a cell phone and a key.


The cell phone Mary carried wasn’t going to help her. There was no signal. She thought back to earlier when her car ran out of gas. She remembered a filling station she passed on the road and decided to walk back. It didn’t seem far. However, she got turned around and went in the wrong direction.

She blamed her confusion on hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. She hadn’t had anything to eat for a long time. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road and it was getting dark. She thought she saw light beckoning from some building on a side road and so she followed it deep into the forest. When she came to the end of the road there was no light. It was only the glint from the setting sun shining on the cabin window. The door was locked.

She reached into her pocket instinctively and pulled out her house key. In desperation she tried it and it opened the door. What she saw inside the room turned her world upside down. This can’t be happening she cried out as everything went black.

Linda Scott

October 6, 2015–Prompt–A Hacksaw ! ? !

Continuing give the prompt and pull the items this weeks prompt was: You’re adopted and never knew your real parents. One day a man comes to your door and says he is your father and can prove it, He produces a single items and you know he is telling the truth. The Item a hacksaw.



Ding dong,

“Oh darn, not while I’m in the middle of getting dressed.”

Susie answered the door after quickly throwing on a dress. A tall man stood there wearing a

long black cape and top hat. She was speechless.

“Pardon me ma’am,” he said in a deep voice. “Are you Susie Hammer?”

“Yes I am,” she said with a shaky voice. “Who are you?”

“I’m your father, Harold Hammer.”

“You can’t be. My father was executed for killing my mother. You better leave or I’ll call the


“The report of my death was an exaggeration. It is me, your father in person.”

“Can you prove it?”



“Tell me how your mother died.”

“She was cut into pieces,” she stammered.

“By a hacksaw.”


“Well, here it is—this is the hacksaw.” He said pulling it out from under the cape.

Susie fainted.


Ellynore Seybold-Smith