July 28, 2015–Prompt–Once in a Blue Moon


Once in a blue moon my mind goes blank,

Especially when it’s called to do a prompt.

I sit, I stare, I don’t know where

I’ll get a good idea.

I struggle, I groan and look around the room

at all the creative souls

who write away, with lots to say

and fill the pages blank.

Come on, Lloyd, you are intense.

What have you got to say?

And Pamela, so focused on the white becoming gray.

Now Roseanne is up my alley, she sits

and twiddles her thumbs.

As time goes by, the moon does wane.

Ellynore Seybold-Smith

June 30, 2015–Prompt Use these ten words: detect, old, monument, rice, off, sundown, noble, warp, cedar, yield

“Harold, hurry up. Ain’t you got that old truck running yet?” Emmett asked nervously.

Harold grunted an obscenity in reply from under the hood of the ’82 Ford. “Looks like something fell down off the alternator,” he said. “Can’t detect a spark.”

Emmett’s head appeared under the hood, his eyes wide.

“Yeah, well, I detect the sun going down in this here ‘Sundown Town.’ If we ain’t gone soon . . .” his voice trailed away.

“Yeah, I know. I know.”

“And why we gotta get broke down next to this old monument? It gives me the creeps.”

The monument in question was the likeness of a noble local hero: General Jackson from the Confederate War. It had been planted next to a cedar grove located in downtown Makersville. The limbs of the cedars were warped but strong. They never yielded in a storm.

Emmett’s head reappeared.

“And whose idea was it to sell white rice in a Sundown Town anyway?”


Lynne Webster

Here’s a definition for sundown town:

A sundown town is a town, city, or neighborhood in the United States that is purposely all-white, excluding people of other races. The term came from signs that were posted stating that people of color had to leave the town by sundown. They are also sometimes known as sunset towns or gray towns.

Sundown town – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia