May 26, 2015 Prompt–Teacher of the Tested

Teacher of the tested

There are many tests around.  Some you sit down and take in a classroom setting.  But the most interesting and most valuable are the tests we must pass in life.

I see the first and most important one is learning to breathe.  Woe to those who fail that one.

Another test is learning to walk.  I partially failed it by falling down the stairs on my first solo outing.  It was several months before I was  brave enough to try again.  And then it was to get to my Daddy.  I was a little leery of Mom as she let me fall, or so I thought.

From then on I needed expert teaching.  My first grade teacher was not a good teacher of the tested as she played a trick on me that I have never forgotten.  On the first day of school she asked if anyone could read, and I could, so up went my hand, she called me up front and handed me a book to read.  She handed it to me so that it was upside down from my viewpoint.  New student, new school, plus no experience made me think I had to read it like it was presented.  Of course I failed.  The class laughed at me.  Teacher just shook her head sadly.  I never raised my hand again until I went to AWC in my late sixties.

That evening my parents were quite puzzled to see me trying to read a book upside down.  Mom just scoffed at my silliness.  Daddy however wanted more details, and was very upset at what had happened to me.  He made my mother call the teacher and ask why the trick.  I never did get along with that teacher and my mother never interfered in my schooling again.  In grade 11 I lost a full four year scholarship to the University of Chicago, because my mother would not talk to my English teacher and the principal.


Valerie Cook

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