March 10, Prompt–A Twinkle in an Eye

This week’s prompt was about a twinkle in the eye. Start with it and then write it. As can be seen it can take writer’s in very different ways.

 pam's Angel

Twinkling Eyes

Long ago, I looked into an angel’s twinkling eyes

To see what the future would bring

Only to see that life evolves from birth, to childhood, to teens.

From there is adulthood then finally old age

Nothing to be afraid of;

For when you survive those days

One can reminisce about one’s past and one’s loved ones,

The journey that God intended for all of us

By Pam Drapala


Ode To A Very Short Love Affair

Twinkle, Twinkle gorgeous eye.

Oh how I wish that you could spy

On me each morn when we arise

And through the day together we fly

Until the day when we do die

I’ll not forget your darling eye

Only, only if your eye didn’t lie

Smack in the middle of your forehead — Bye.

By Lloyd Rain