February 24, 2015 – Prompt

This week we went back to a summer practice and did a Pick 6.

You are tending to your own business when a

Dice roll one- was 4, the Loch Ness monster

it stops you. This unproven being asks

Dice roll two – was 5, if you can help it find a lost glorg

You have no clue what the being wants, so you counter with:

Dice roll three – was 6, leading it to the nearest police officer

Now show the encounter


A thunderous roar pierced the

air. The earth opened up in a

yawning chasm. Shuddering into

my ear. the noise exploded:

           “DOM! GLORG! SOCORRO!”

A slimy, fur encrusted paw

grasped my arm. Terrified,

I tugged on the creature,

crawling toward the surprisingly

comforting blue light of a police cruiser

By Jeannie Browning


Here you go . . .
Who do you fear most?  Well, for me, it is all those monsters that people have actually met sometime in their lifetimes; such as, Big Foot, the Abdominal Snowman, the Loch less Monster of Scotland, and the “Glorg”.
The “Glorg” was probably one that I feared the most as it changed its appearance into anything that a person was frightened of; such, as the common Boogie Man to your mother-in-law.  The “Glorg” could change into other creatures, too, such as an IRS Rep, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it could change into your high school Algebra teacher from your past.
Recently, it turned into a crooked politician.  That is when I turned in the “Glorg” to the nearest Police Officer at our local police station.
By Pamela Drapala



  I thought it was a large fish’s tail slapping the water and waving towards me. To my amazement it was not. The thing revealed its long body, like an inch worm but with bigger loops as it worked its way over the rocks to where I stood. This must be the Lochness Monster.

It opened its huge jaws, out gushed garbled speech in a stench of fetid wind from deep inside it.  The triangular shaped eyes were covered in an opaque green film and a torrent of tears dumped.

I understood it to ask for its GLORG. Whatever is a GLORG?

“Come this way, come,” I motioned for the monster to follow. “We will seek help from the constable in the village just over the hill there,” I pointed. We reached the fire hall when the monster made a loopy jump and attacked the fire hose while the firemen were practicing maneuvers.

    Ahh! a GLORG, no doubt its mate!

Kirsten Marie Wohlgemuth

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