December 9, 2014–Prompt Opened the Box

Colored lights made the tree glow and the tinsel glisten.  Even the branch that

I had helped dad drill into one of the tree’s bare spots was brightly lit.  Atop

the green pyramid sat Mom’s treasured ornament, the most beautiful angel

that I had ever seen.  The sweet smell of balsam fir filled the house with a

freshness  that reminded us of clean and moist forests.

The tradition in our family was to take turns opening our presents and this

year I had drawn last place.  It seemed to take forever for my sisters to unwrap

their home made dolls with the flour sack jumpers.   Then my two brothers got

to open the small bright yellow Tonka trucks.

Finally it was my turn and I carefully unwrapped the paper.  Fearing that the

box inside would be the wrong color, I was delighted to see the so, so wished

for bright orange and blue of the familiar Lionel Train logo.  Oh, the places that

train was destined to carry my imagination!!!


Bob Kelly

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