December 16, 2014–Prompt – Pretend your one of Santa’s Elves and write a journal entry

clip_image001A day in the life of Santa’s elf.

Dec. 24–This date comes around faster every year. There is just so fast we elfs can work and every year there are more kids to make toys for. Then we have to load the sleigh. Will it ever end? Yes, December 26th is a day of rest and then we start for next year. We outsourced to China, but their manufacturing has not been keeping up with orders and since they practically own America, they have been putting pressure on us to pay in advance.

I don’t know where Santa gets all the money to pay them. Any year now they will stop giving us credit and we have to come up with 18 trillion dollars overnight or there will be nothing but coal in all the stockings. Only problem with that, the coal miners are going on strike and there will be no coal.

Why do I worry? I don’t know, only that they call me a worry wart. Well, someone has to be concerned, we’re not all Democrats.

Ellynore Seybold-Smith


Journal for December 16, 2014 at the North Pole

By I M Anelf, Engineering Supervisor

Those darned reindeer! They’re at it again! Every time I turn around they are getting into more mischief.

Just this morning, as I went out of the igloo to get the morning news, I saw them flying around all over the pole, their hot breath billowing out clouds of steam like an old railroad locomotive. The real problem was that they were fogging up the new windshield that Santa just had us elves make for the sleigh.

How can Santa possibly find every house where the children have been nice and hung their stockings with care when he has a fogged up windshield on his sleigh?

Danged reindeer! I guess I need to go back to the drawing board and design a sleigh windshield defroster.

John Gable


“Whew what a day! I have just enough time to undress and get into bed,” I said to myself. But first I’m going to write in my journal.

Work started off real early this morning. The first thing I heard were the seals squawking and the reindeer clacking their antlers. All that noise woke me up. I began by putting on my red slippers with a bell on each one. Then I pulled on my green and white striped tights. I finished my ensemble with my white shirt, a red waist coat, and my pointed green felt hat.

I hurried down to the main breakfast table to join my friends who were already singing Rudolf the Reindeer and other Christmas songs. Then our boss, Santa, made an appearance to tell us of all the work that needs to be done by December 24th.

I gathered my wood working tools and electronic diagnostic tester from my locker and ran with the streaming crowd of fellow elves to the workshop. The shop was huge but divided into sections as conveyor belts moved in all directions. Each of us began making a small part then passed it on until the toy was completed for the packaging department.

This went on all day.

Goodnight for now Journal, until the same time tomorrow night.

Nancy Nation



December 16, 2014

Dear Diary,

What a day it was at J.O.S.N. LLC. Here we are only nine days until Christmas—well we really only have eight days before Christmas Eve and that’s when Santa must make his trip around the world delivering toys to all the good little boys and girls.

I cant’s believe Delbert would do this TO ME! I thought he was my friend. What did he do someone might ask? He called together all the other elves. Those like him who are part of the lower echelon and got them to walk out.

Now I and the other twelve chief elves are left to run the toy assembly line. What a job! It’s been so long since I worked the line that I had a hard time remembering where the on and off switch was. Now, my arthritis has every joint in my legs aching. I don’t know how I’ll manage to stand there all day tomorrow and put eyes into baby doll heads.

We are going to be way behind schedule. And, it’s all because of such a silly thing—a change in the coffee in the break room.

I’m sure Santa didn’t realize when he asked me to find a cheaper brand of coffee (coffee prices have gone sky high this year) that it would cause such chaos.

I searched and researched looking for a blend similar to what we had and thought I’d found it. Who knew elves were such connoisseurs of the Starbuck’s Christmas Blend.

Morty the Elf, Manager Elfin Resources

Christine Howard

December 9, 2014–Prompt Opened the Box

Colored lights made the tree glow and the tinsel glisten.  Even the branch that

I had helped dad drill into one of the tree’s bare spots was brightly lit.  Atop

the green pyramid sat Mom’s treasured ornament, the most beautiful angel

that I had ever seen.  The sweet smell of balsam fir filled the house with a

freshness  that reminded us of clean and moist forests.

The tradition in our family was to take turns opening our presents and this

year I had drawn last place.  It seemed to take forever for my sisters to unwrap

their home made dolls with the flour sack jumpers.   Then my two brothers got

to open the small bright yellow Tonka trucks.

Finally it was my turn and I carefully unwrapped the paper.  Fearing that the

box inside would be the wrong color, I was delighted to see the so, so wished

for bright orange and blue of the familiar Lionel Train logo.  Oh, the places that

train was destined to carry my imagination!!!


Bob Kelly

November 18, 2014 Prompt–I think I need a squeegee

The rain kept coming down as I drove further through the hills of Montana. Dusk had settled in the land of open spaces with no street lights to guide the way except for my headlights.

Like rivers of tears streaming down my windshield, I though about my father dying in the hospital. I couldn’t cry, not now, not when I have only thirty miles to go. Why didn’t I stay home last time I saw him? Why didn’t I offer to help him when he couldn’t do the daily tasks as when he was young?

The rain stormed against the vehicle. I pulled over at the nearest gas stop to fill my tank. “I think I need a squeegee,” I said to the attendant. He showed me two types to buy and I chose the longer one.

I swiped the windshield as fast as the rain covered it up. climbing back into my car to head toward the hospital, I hoped that I will see my father one last time.


Nancy Nation

Prompt Dec. 2, 2014–It Was Red


Put on your red dress, Baby. We’re going steppin’ out tonight. An’ you better wear you boxin’ gloves, Honey, in case some fool might want to fight.

It was red. No way could I change that. I was flying down East 32nd Ave. at well over fifty miles per hour, weaving in and out of traffic, shortly after making a large withdrawal from the Foothills Bank.

Clearly the teller had called the cops, as I could hear sirens wailing and see flashing lights far behind in the rearview mirror. I couldn’t stop or they were certain to catch me. I was not about to go back to prison.

The traffic light was solid red. I firewalled the accelerator and began flashing my headlights, hoping to beat the huge lettuce truck coming from the left to the intersection. …..


John Gable






“Why did you shoot?!,” Dave demanded, somewhat peeved and frustrated.

“It was red!” I yelled back defensively.

“What do you mean it was red?  What was red? I did not see any red!” he answered.

This was not the first time we had this conversation.

Dave continued:  “Look, you must be color blind, because I did not see any red on its head or its plumage.  If you keep popping off at hen pheasants we both are going to land in the local slammer.”

Dave and I have a history, a good history but one that has occasionally, accidentally turned momentarily sour.

We have mille-seconds to decide but once the trigger is squeezed there is no way to pull back time.

Pat Stone