Another Pick Six Prompt–November 4, 2014

For this Pick Six  the instructions were: Pick a character- Roll the Dice – first roll what is your character doing (ours was washing) -second roll what is your character doing it to of about and (it was kiwis) and the third roll – along comes: an (it was a lynx)

Captivating a Kiwi

I was caressing my favorite Kiwi.  She was wonderful; soft, succulent, sweet-smelling, and just a touch too somnolent as we lay on the blanket in the beachfront summer sun.  That is why she didn’t notice the lynx lazily strolling toward us along the beachfront, probably also enjoying the silent sun-drenched setting.  I saw her a short distance away but was too involved with current activities to be distracted by an errant wild animal.

It wasn’t until the lynx was almost upon us that my lovely Kiwi opened her eyes, looked up, took in the situation with one instant visual gulp and let out with a scream that would have awakened the dead (had there been any dead nearby).

I, of course, being the virile and fearless companion that I am, slowly arose, pointed to the end of the beach from whence the lynx had originated, and stifling a yawn, whispered, “Git!”

The lynx yawned back, slowly turned tail, and ambled along the beachfront, eventually disappearing from view.

My stunning but still somewhat startled Kiwi, looked at me with unabashed admiration, placed both delicate hands upon her left breast, and, in her sensual Australian accent, cooed, “Ohhhhhhh, my hero.”

She knew not, of course, that the spotted wild feline which had stumbled upon us was named Martha and had been my loving pet since I had raised her from kittenhood five years previous.  I captivate many lovely young things through Martha.

By Lloyd Rain

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