September 23, 2014 – Prompt -Pick Six Challenge

PICK SIX. There were three scenarios you had to include in the prompt and they were found by throwing a dice and then depending on the number thrown it was the one from a list of six you used. So the first choice: You’ve been promoted to head trash keeper(the roll was a five) , next choice: You call in sick for a week: (a one was rolled). the third and last choice is: Your spouse supports you by: ( the roll was a two)

 900 Number Spouse

“Tom, come in.” The boss said reaching across the desk to shake my hand.

I lowered myself into a chair making sure the crease in my pants was straight. It felt good to be wearing my best suit.

“How long you been with the firm now?”

‘Longer than you,’ I thought. “Seven and a half years,” I said.

“Great, I’m sure you’ve been expecting this promotion.”

“I have been hoping for a while.”

“We decided to make you head trash keeper. Of course, that means a small reduction in salary.”

My heart plunged into my colon.

“Thank you,” is all I managed to whisper as I was escorted out the door.

“My secretary will give you all the details. I have an important meeting to attend.”

That evening I told my wife what had transpired.

“Those bastards, those dirty rotten bastards just don’t see your talent.”

“I’m calling in sick for a week.”

“And I’ll have to keep supporting us with my 900 number.”

by Ellynore Seybold-Smith


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