September 23, 2014 – Prompt -Pick Six Challenge

PICK SIX. There were three scenarios you had to include in the prompt and they were found by throwing a dice and then depending on the number thrown it was the one from a list of six you used. So the first choice: You’ve been promoted to head trash keeper(the roll was a five) , next choice: You call in sick for a week: (a one was rolled). the third and last choice is: Your spouse supports you by: ( the roll was a two)

 900 Number Spouse

“Tom, come in.” The boss said reaching across the desk to shake my hand.

I lowered myself into a chair making sure the crease in my pants was straight. It felt good to be wearing my best suit.

“How long you been with the firm now?”

‘Longer than you,’ I thought. “Seven and a half years,” I said.

“Great, I’m sure you’ve been expecting this promotion.”

“I have been hoping for a while.”

“We decided to make you head trash keeper. Of course, that means a small reduction in salary.”

My heart plunged into my colon.

“Thank you,” is all I managed to whisper as I was escorted out the door.

“My secretary will give you all the details. I have an important meeting to attend.”

That evening I told my wife what had transpired.

“Those bastards, those dirty rotten bastards just don’t see your talent.”

“I’m calling in sick for a week.”

“And I’ll have to keep supporting us with my 900 number.”

by Ellynore Seybold-Smith


September 30, 2014 Prompt – The Last Time I Saw Her She


This week we created our response to the Prompt by using only one syllable words



The last time I saw her, she pitched one hell of a fit.

“No! She cried. You will not buy a new car. I don’t care if it’s a Ford or a Chev the word is no. Yes, you will have to walk to work. Think of it as a work out. Glen, hear me out. Sit. Stay.”

“So, what will you do with all them big bucks, babe?”

“I will buy me a new bra. A big ‘D’ cup from France. And, oh yes, I want the boobs to fill it. So, there.”

“Wow! I’ll need a new pair of shoes.”


By Kevin Draper



The Blood Was Thick

The last time I saw her she screamed the word shit!  Pam slid down the stairs on
her butt and tore her shirt.  It was the one that her friend, Sue,from down the
street, brought back from her trip to France. It was such a fine piece of silk
that was made just for her.
“What will I tell her?” Pam shrieked .
Out of the dark her mom slammed the door to the wall. She had fire in her eyes.
“What is on your face?” The blood was thick!

By Carol Taylor