August 19, 2014 Prompt-A Made up Word -Zamarix

Following our summer program of different types of prompts this week we used a made up word for a prompt. The word was Zamarix. It seems Wayne enjoyed it so much he wrote a second one so I include it.



Zamarix: an extremely addictive sleeping aid.

Where’s my drug stash. I need my damn drug stash. I know that’s where I put my Zamarix. I can’t sleep without it. I’ve been up for days. I’m hallucinating now. I’ll be up for days longer. Maybe I left it in the shower last week…maybe under the bed. Ah! Ha! I didn’t pull the sheet off the bed and check there. I’ve turned out the pockets of every pair of pants I own. What’s that over by the flour canister? Is it…. Oh damn damn damn. It’s a bottle of aspirin. Maybe the car. I’ll tear that wreck apart. I’ve got to find my Zamarix or I’ll go nuttier than I am already. Oh. There’s the phone. Where is that stupid phone….probably under the sink where it usually is. That’s probably Corinne wanting the rent. I don’t want to talk to her.


Wayne McDonald



An Antelope of the Savanna

Motombulu had been tracking the Zamarix for nearly four days. His meager supply of roots and berries had dwindled to merely nothing. He had not tasted meat for more than ten sleeps. Game was scarce on the Savanna due to the extreme drought. No hunter in the clan had made a kill in many suns. This Zamarix might be the clans only hope for survival.

The animal had stopped at a muddy almost dry watering hole. The surrounding cover was dry and sparse. Motumbulu knew that he needed to get close enough with his blow gun to put a dart in the animals neck. The poison of the Umbali Plant was a paralyzing agent, but a strike in the side or the rump and the Zamarix could run for half a day before the tainted dart would bring the beast down. The young Bushman knew he lacked the remaining strength for such a task.


Wayne McDonald

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