Prompt–August 12, 2014–A Game of Telegram

Yesterday we again did something different a written game of telegram. Each person would add one sentence to my starting sentence.  I used as a prompt desk lamp. There were five of us at the meeting, Ellynore, Lloyd, Richard, Wayne, Chris and Nancy sent the last sentence. More can be added.


He switched on his desk lamp, he loved the thing with its green shade. In the faint light he saw the body sitting in the leather chair behind the desk. The body arose wafted across the room and began to strangle Fred’s dog, a  loving completely harmless German Shepard. He had done this because he secretly hated the dog that belonged to his estranged wife. Ravel reached for the desk lamp just as a clap of thunder shook the entire house. A long eerie laughter arose fading down the hallway, until the spirit dissipated before a large portrait

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