July 29, 2014 prompt – Serendipity

This week we did a change on our prompt from the word serendipity everyone was to make ten words using the letters in it. Then use those words in a scene.


“Ain’t nobody like that I never seen!” Cried Lucas.

“I never spied” corrected Lucy Lou. “We is tryin’ to be northern here, you know. You gotta talk nerdy, else they look down their noses and pity you.”

“Gall dern, that’s hard ‘cause I was born red neck. Why, ever car I owned has dents in it.” He said with a spit.


Kevin Draper

July 1, 2014 Prompt–A Search of the Apartment found only a Walrus Tusk, Four Pennies and a Book

The apartment door gave way to the crowbar with a resounding a crack.

McDougal cursed his futile effort to locate the spare key.

“ I wonder what happened to old lady Wilson anyway”, he muttered under his breath.

“No body’s seen the old bat around here in a month or more.”

The interior of the apartment was dim and dusty. McDougal crossed the living room to the large window overlooking the street and pulled open the drapes.

“Hmph,” he exclaimed. “Not much here.”

His eyes wandered slowly around the space.”

“What’s that in the corner?” he said to the musty emptiness.

“Looks kind of like a Walrus tusk. What the hell was she doing with that in here.”

As his eyes adjusted to the low light, Mack looked around to see what else old Abigail Wilson might have left behind.

“Pretty bare…something over on the far end of the window sill…Four pennies. Well I’ll be damned. All Indian heads.” Not much else here. Oh wait a minute. Something over there on the floor near the bedroom. A book. “Geeze!” Basic Hog Skinning by D. Crockett.


By Wayne McDonald