March 18, 2014 Prompt–Everybody’s Got a Story

The old man sat on the barrel at the end of the dock. The setting sun cast a halo around his disheveled hair and long white beard. A few of the sailors, who just got into port, started gathering in front of the old man.

“It was in the winter of 49 as we were rounding Cape Horn in a driving storm.” The storyteller’s eyes glistened from the gaslight above. “I have never in all my 50 years at sea have seen such a storm. The sky flashed bright with lightning, the waves grew higher than the mast. It was as if the gods were angry with us for what we did and wanted to destroy our ship.”

Just then a young man stepped between the crowd and the old man.
“Listen to me,” the young man shouted, “don’t listen to the ravings of an old sailor. I know everybody’s got a story, but this man is plumb crazy. I was there and that’s not what happened. This is the real story.”

Just then a bell rang and ended the story.

By Linda Scott



Somebody’s Got a Story

from the prompt: “Everybody’s got a story…”

I heard that everybody has got a story, but I can’t seem to find mine. I think somebody hid it. Deep inside. From fear or shame.

If I share my story, do I still have it? Own it? Claim it?

Everybody’s got a story, but aren’t they all shared? Who else might lay righteous claim to my story?

I wonder whether it’s worth the risk to search for mine, to tell it true as I can, and face…. Who? What?

Perhaps I can disguise my story in facts and fiction to filter truth or essence beneath the tracks of time and title.

Everybody’s got a story, and each of us shares the pieces of many others’ stories. May we share the lessons of pain and joy without the claim of ownership, without the guile of ego, without the…the mystery of __________.


by Erv Barnes

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