March 11, 2014–Prompt: Moving


“Yesterday Freddy walked in from mowing the back forty and told me he was sick from breathing the new grass.”

Martha laughed. “What he really said was, “Martha, I’m tired of this shit. I think we need to sell.”

“Where would you move?” I asked.

“Well, I was thinking about moving to another State.” Martha grinned.

“Another State? What about your kids?”

“Oh hell, we wouldn’t tell our kids anything.” She took a drink of her morning Bailey’s coffee. “How else could we keep all our income? You know, they would be right here with their sad stories wanting money like they did when we moved five years ago.”

She slapped my shoulder. “Joe, our oldest son found us and came a callin’. I pretended I’d lost my mind.”

Suzie Hagen


There are many times in a persons’ life where moving away can be a chance for a whole new way of life.

Graduation and turning old enough to at least think you are an “adult” and still “know everything” is one of the first times this may show up.

Other situations like your parents splitting up and one moves to another town; or splitting custody may be another opportunity.

Marriage also allows a chance to be on your own and get into a different lifestyle.

Some people go off to school or college. A lot of young women may be looking for their MRS degree, where others take learning seriously. What better way to ensure your future than to go to law or medical school and see who is going to make big dollars later on. Granted it may not turn out that way, but I know of some people that actually think like that.

Other times in life one may decide to move away from a cold climate to a warmer one. Some become “snowbirds,” others turn out to be permanent residents. Depending on your fate in life, it may not be a choice that would have been made willingly, but just turned out that way.

People’s children may be angered and no longer acknowledge you as a family member or grandparent. A lot of times a guilt trip may work, but for people that want to get a life of their own, it can be a liberating change.

What can be amazing is going back to a town that was moved away from and meeting up with others that never did. It allows a feeling of being more worldly or experienced in life. A lot of people “our” age are still trapped in living their high school days. One almost feels sorry for them and makes you happy that the new outlook and challenges made you a different person than you would have been without the opportunities.

Shirley Lentz


Moving Away:

I saw an old pickup truck the day over filled with household items such as a full dresser set, headboards, and appliances. The sight reminded me of the old TV show Beverly Hillbilly’s, only no one was sitting atop the furniture pile.

As I and my husband were getting ready to pull into a restaurant by the road, so did the overloaded truck. A young man, and what looked like his newly married wife, hopped out. We said our ‘Hellos’ and started talking.

“Have you been traveling long,” I asked.

“No, we are just moving away, and you?” The man responded.

“We come here every Wednesday lunch. Why are you moving?”

“Oh, mom’s house is too small and since we just got hitched – you know.”

The young woman spoke up to say, “We are married, not connected like a trailer,” She admonished her husband as she didn’t like the expression of being ‘hitched.’

“Well, have a good trip you two.” I offered as we entered the restaurant together.

Nancy Nation


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