December 17, 2013 Prompt–It Just Hung There

Imagine walking through the forest, watching and listening for birds, waiting to take pictures and record their distinct calls. Then, among the trees a shadow appears that seems out of place. Squabbling of birds of prey can be heard in that direction. Getting closer, a corpse reveals.  It just hung there and vultures pecked away at the carrion. Gone were any identifiable facial features.

I took as many pictures as I dared in short time, then back tracked, darting away from the scene. I forgot all about birds and their song, thinking only of my own safety and the frenetic need to find authorities to whom I could unburden the horror of my day.

by Kirsten Wohlgemuth

Alice’s Dilemma

It just hung there, drawing me in, calling my name. I resisted, shunning the
temptation. But its alluring power kept drawing me back. Oh, the boiling sin
it expressed, the way it played upon my thirst for attraction. I turned to
leave and preserve my humble virtues. But, no, I bought the dress.

by Kevin Draper

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