December 10, 2013 – Prompt – From the Back of the Truck

From the Back of the Truck all that Billy could see was a cloud of dust and a vehicle quickly bearing down on them.  He had no idea why the people were chasing them, but was shocked to see a hand out the window holding a pistol being aimed in his direction.  Then he heard a bullet zing past his head followed by the sound of the gun being fired.

John Gable


I had always wanted a tuxedo. I don’t know why, it’s not like I wear them often, but there’s the high cost of rentals and that whole James Bond thing that I grew up indoctrinated with. I mean that dude is classy! He can be in a swamp or hanging from a helicopter and he will be wearing a tuxedo, looking good; cool; calm; confident.

When I saw the commercial from the new store at the outlet mall called “From the Back of a Truck”, I knew that this would be my best shot, or most affordable chance to have that James Bond look, that secret weapon, within close reach in my wardrobe.

I immediately went down to “From the Back of a Truck” and inquired about the $99 tuxedo special advertised on TV. The salesperson directed towards a powder blue selection which was more 1970’s prom that Monte Carlo James Bond cool.

It looks like no James Bond for me today, From the Back of a Truck.

Barry John Johnson

Universal Gender Confusion – By Lloyd Rain,

There were seven or eight of us joking around in the back of the pick-up as it roared down the freeway at seventy mph or so. Our driver could see very little through the crowd in his rear view mirror so he maintained his speed and it was fortunate that no one fell overboard; that is, until someone actually did tip over the tailgate and disappear. I seemed to be the only rider who even noticed this but I quickly leaped to the tailgate to ascertain his or her status. And sure enough, there( he or she) was, clutching the bumper while sliding down the road at high speed. (He or she) was desperately trying to get enough purchase to pull (him or her) back onto the bumper and thence, into the truck. In the most heroic manner that I could muster, I stepped over the tailgate, placed one foot on the bumper and my left hand on the top rail of the tailgate. From that vantage, using every newton of strength I could rally, I reached as low as I could with my right hand and tried to grasp any part of (him or her) that might save (his or her) life by lofting (him or her) back into the truck. Finally, after three attempts, crouching lower and lower each time, I managed to grasp (his or her) shirt collar and drag (him or her) a few inches upward so that (he or she) could use both hands to advance (himself or herself) upward onto the bumper. It was not until that moment that I actually saw the face of the person who I had saved as I continued to stabilize (him or her) with my grasp on (his or her) collar. Because none of the other occupants of the truck had any cognizance of the little drama that was taking place on the rearward side of the tailgate, I realized that I had three options facing me and that a decision had to be made almost instantly. Here were my options;

Option 1) I could continue lofting (him or her) upward until (he or she) was fully safe inside the box of the pick-up;

Option 2) I could ask (him or her) to marry me and then proceed in accordance with (him or her) answer;

Option 3)I could release (him or her) shirt collar immediately and climb back into the truck as if nothing had happened.

The decision I made at that moment has changed my life forever.

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