August 13, 2013 Prompt– “follow the_________”

What the heck was all that yellow brick road stuff about. None of the roads I followed were gold ,or even golden, or even had a metaphorical gold theme.

Most of the roads I’d chosen had been narrow, rocky, and often potholed. My whole life when I had to choose a road it seemed I picked the wrong one.

There were no shortcuts in my life___no I always seemed to be speeding along, things were going well and I’d hit a detour. The next thing I knew I ‘d be at a dead-end and need to turn around.

What did that poet____what’s his name___Frost, Robert Frost mean when he talked about “taking the road less traveled.” I didn’t have a clue what he meant.

Clueless___that’s me. I’ve lead a whole life of clueless. Don’t you think one time when I made a choice it would be the right one.

I mean I don’t need a golden road. I’d be happy with a four lane highway. Something I could speed along and make only the right stops. If…

“Jeffery are you day-dreaming again. Follow the road to the left,” my wife said, “or were never going to get where were going. You’re so Walter Mittyish.”

Christine Howard

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