July 16 2013–Response to Picture Prompt

kids in snow

Picture Prompt from My Story section of Writer’s Digest

This is very odd, thought Jeremy. They all stood peering into the misty depths of the forest. He didn’t see Santa. And Sis promised! JoAnne Mowczko


It was going to be a long walk back to Grandma’s. We should have listened when she warned us about the snow, but we didn’t. Bev Ribaudo


What was in the snowy mist filled space, Sandra thought as she tightened the grip on Billy and Audrey’s hands, and continued the haunting trek. Christine Howard


Did you hear that?” Joey pointed.

“We’re lost!” cried Peter.

I lied. “No, we’re not.”

As I looked behind us, you waved.  Suzie Hagen


walking in the woods –

the monotonous squeak of their

rubber boots

Carmel Westerman


“I remember 70 years ago, coming home in a snowstorm, how my big brother kept telling us we weren’t lost.” Jerry Stapleton


“Only a little further and we’ll be at grandma’s.”

“I’m so tired, I can’t walk another step.”

“You must, there’s a wolf following.”

Ellynore Smith

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