It Never Worked Before

Response to Prompt – It Never Worked Before

After putting up with a non life threatening physical condition and ongoing surgeries that I have endured over the years for correction—well, once again here I am faced with more of the same—more uncomfortable examinations and three different doctors, a GP and two specialists. The time has come once again and maybe–just maybe-this will be the last fix. I am ready for this as I go for the last consult before the surgery. After waiting one hour, I’m finally facing the doctor, eye to eye. I am ready for whatever he has to say.

“Yes you do need this surgery, and I would be happy to help you, but, you have to help me do my job.”

‘What the hell is he on about? I don’t like that but.’ I thought.

“I won’t do it until you lose fifty pounds. Come back and see me in three months and prove to me that you are half way there. See a dietician, join a gym, do something!”

He shook my hand and smiled. I was close to tears. Every year at my physical, I am told to loose weight. It never worked before. Fifty f…ing pounds!

My companion was waiting for me in the car and before I could shut the door behind me, she eagerly announced,

“I have decided on a restaurant for lunch that has a great reputation for the biggest buffet in all of Calgary. You can tell me all about your appointment while we eat.”

Kirsten Marie Wohlgemuth

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