Prompt June 25th–Sugar Coated

Sugar-Coated – Suzie Hagen

         She danced around like a teenager drunk on life. Had my sister been into Papa’s home brew before she arrived here?

         “Ruby, dance with me,” she yelled from the center of the Parquet dance floor.

         Ashamed, I didn’t want anyone to know she’s my sister. I smiled and waved my hands in the air. George sat the third beer in front of me, “Drink up and go dance, Sister. The night is still young.”

         Yeah, young for him, but my ninety-six year old body doesn’t have many springs left.

       I sugar-coated my thoughts and yelled out to the tall dark Indian, “Tonto, let’s ride, baby,” he smiled and stepped to the beat.

         My bones cracked as I slithered from the comfortable imitation red leather booth. When I looked up into those big brown eyes, I could feel my youth in my spirit.

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