Prompt May 7, 2013–A Curious Animal

Curious Animals

Prompt: “Curious Animals”

Every October we make a wine for Thanksgiving called Glog. The ingredients are red wine, vodka, spices, prunes and oranges to name a few. It has to sit and cure for a month. The drink is great to have in the cold northwest for the holidays. The mix is made in a large crock about 24 inches high with a simple plate that is placed on the top. The crock is then set on the porch for 30 days, in the cold.

We had gone out for dinner one night and came home to find this crock, tipped over and prune seeds scattered. There were all sorts of scenarios going on as to the reasoning of such a sight. The conclusion was that it was our raccoon family. They are such curious animals, and boy, what a treat they had that night! It would have been interesting to see them stumbling or falling out of the trees after about an hour of imbibing.

By Carol Taylor

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