January 15,2013 Prompt – It Occurred To Me

My heart was racing as I waited to hear the starting gun go off. I wanted to run and jump that first hurdle. I knew I could win. I’m the fastest. I continued to chant in my head. The gun went off and I started to run. I jumped the first hurdle and I was already ahead of everyone else it was like no one else was running after me. Finally I jump the fifth one and I get first. I waited for the cheers but there were none. I looked around confused I gazed at the first hurdle and it occurred to me while jumping the first hurdle my shorts had gotten caught and ripped in two and I was so pumped that I didn’t notice. So there were no cheers, only underwear.

Rebecca Goeklaer

It occurred to me just a few minutes ago that my writing abilities were not as rusty as I had thought. I had not written much in the last ten years and had been dreading attending a Write On The Edge meeting. But, to my relief I found that these folks were any brighter than me. I think I’ll keep coming to their meetings –I’ll even pay my dues.

Jack Skille

Writing Prompt, January 8, 2013

Don’t Laugh

“Don’t laugh,” I shouted.  “Its not funny.”
My green fatigue pants had finally given up their purpose.  Forty days and forty nights of sweat, dirt and grimy living off the jungle floor had finally taken their toll.  And since no one wore underwear, more was exposed than I cared to show.  All the ‘wait a minute vines’, razor wire, and thorny bushes were causing cuts and scratches in all the wrong places.  These filthy pants had split, in one fell swipe,  from the end of the front zipper through the rear belt loop.  There was no fixin them, no needle, no thread, and no replacement pants until resupply which might be days away.

Pat Stone